Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I'm an Anarchist

I want to live in a world were I can express myself freely and be with who ever I want to and do what ever I want to be in my carreer in life. In the process I don't want to exploit others as I live in this world nor do I want to exploit my mind, body and spirit in the sprocess. I want to luv who ever I want to and let others luv who ever they want to.

Im not socialized by the corporate medias that dominate my creativity and socialize me to be this Macho hombre that they want me to be, nor do I want others to become this mutant. I want to live in a world where there is no Macro government that makes me pay for water, pay for rent (rent? WTF), healthcare live with natural remedies like we used to. How can u charge for A space that you cannot claim? as your own and set ridiculous amounts to the amount you have to pay? How do you find those numbers? I don't want to live in a world were you lose the humanity in every person because of the amount of materialistic things you posses and because your job requires you to.

Capitalism: im not a capitalsit because I don't want an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industries are controlled by private owners for profit, for a chance to have more than they need. (WTF?)
Socialism: I'm not a socialist because... Even though I have more in common to my socialist sisters and brothers than my capitalist sisters and brothers. I will never get the lesser of two evils like Dead Prez say... "Which do you want coke or pepsi... crack or cocaine? The lesser of two evils?" NEL PASTEL!! Never! I say this because most if not all socialist believe in Marx's theory of materialism and cultural nationalism.
I agree that religions are the most wonderful and beautiful things in people lives and you should never relinquish your religion because of another one is oppressive of yours... But I draw the line where...
you know all or most religions are all about, peace, luv, living in harmony ex-cetera, ex-cetera but when they live in the Boderlands like Anzaldua writes they start fighting with each other. This fighting is because of the Capitalism that dominates the world porque under capitalisms microscope theres only one religion that believes in GOD Christianity. And other are seen as the other. going back to socialism. I want to have the freedom to believe in what ever religion I want to regarless of my stance in politics. I am a Huichol from Jalisco and proud to be devoted to mother earth and father sky.

Communist: I'm not a communist because... Hmmm I think Im a communist but I don't like labeling myself.

Anarchista: I am an Anarchista porque. I believe that we all have the right to live, not survive. I live in autonomy and I want others to live like I do. IM not fully autonomous but like Anzaldua says' I change myself, I change the world". Communal living is a way of live that needs to be tried out like Ricardo FLores Magon did in Echo Parke (yes, Magon had a commune in ground zero of the batalla where the poor is fighting the hipsters). Anarchiy is not destruction and disorder. The capitalist define it this way because this way of living is the most threatening way of living to them. Because they wont have a way to exploit other.
I will yell you about the world that I want to live in. I want to live in a world were education is free, were people are free to travel all over the world and not be called illegal or an alien, were people have access to local, seasonal, and organic food, were healthcare is free because being born is a worthy enough passage to have free healthcare, were people work five hours a day and four days a week in order for their creativity to have enough room to streach it's arms and legs inorder to grow, were education is free and teaches us about our own Ourstory that is relevant to us so it can motivate us to want to learn and I want to live in a world were I can sustain myself because my community has a community garden and we all work together to feed each other.

Thats why I luv mi cultura. Porque we Huichol people of northern Jalisco live in autonomy in the montanas de el norte oeste en Jalisco. And have been for thousands of years since our ante passad@s the Olmecas walk these lands.

FYi: This way of living has been in existence way before Anarchy was coined. <3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

they have control of your mind

Who's got control of your mind?
The corporations, the medias, the government or the dominant culture?
Its up to you to free your mind and of others.
Authority? remember what happened to those college students that
were doing that study for the psychology research?
They started to treat each other like the US soldiers did to those
compas in Guantanamo bay
What does authority do to people?
I feel like people just... CHECK!
that organizer box and move to the next
event on their facebook comments.
The way you talk, the food you eat, the way you treat others
are ways to find the inner you that has been denied, chained, maimed and raped for 520 years.
the way I see it its not in a negative way,
because there are no mistakes in life
The mistakes you make in life are only mistakes if you keep repeating them.
But, the mistakes you do and never repeat are not mistakes but learning experiences.
I kinda ranted. Pero me desahuge.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Intro to Indigenous Anarchy

Welcome to the first blog about my thoughts and beliefs of what indigenous anarchy is. Anarchy, is a utopia society: Education is free, healthcare is free, public transportation is freepeople, people work for the sake of the community not corporations, health care is free because it is a human right, people in the community live as equals, police do not exist because people live together with respect and solidarity. The community do not need to steal because it is all available to them.

The reclaiming of our indigenous ways of living with respect to our mujeres our Tonatzin, our bodies, our neighbors foreign and domestic, finding our traditions and ceremonies that were taken and hid from us, so on and so fourth.
With this in mind I will post up experiences, talks with people on the Metro on my way to school, work, or simply just traveling, the things I see in through the medias, books I read my experiences with organizers, Danzantes, and of coarse with my In Lak Etch. Please come in with an open heart as I read this as we try to build a world where many worlds fit.